My name is Alan. I’ve been a client of Transform for longer than I remember, and it’s Angus that looks after us.

They’ve been able to help with the way my life has changed, as my wife and I have been getting older. So, rather than just concentrating on a pension, we’ve started thinking about the provision for our grandchildren. We’ve moved houses a couple of times, so we had to get access to funds, and that’s been arranged. This idea that you set something up, and it’s there forever, just doesn’t work in practice, and Angus has been able to respond to that.

Well, it was just to do a bit of planning for my future, as far as a pension was concerned. That was the initial concern back in the day.

He’s a nice guy, he’s very steady, and he’s very sensible with the advice. There are a few things that we’ve had to go to him and say, “Look, something’s happened, we need to make some changes,” and he was able to understand our needs very quickly and respond to them.

I always enjoy meeting Angus, he’s always got sensible ideas. Often, the most sensible idea that he comes up with is to do nothing. I think there is a tendency to think everything’s changing, so we’ve got to change as well, but having that calming influence has been really useful for us.

In these troubling times it’s very reassuring to have access to professional advice, about what might or might not happen.

If I was asked for three words to describe Angus, they would be: realistic, responsive (and if I could think of another one that began with an “R”, that would be useful) but he listens. He’s a very good listener.

I suppose the best thing about working with Transform is that they are available. You know, they’re just at the end of a phone if there’s something that we’re concerned about, or there are changes to our lifestyle that we’re thinking of making. They are very accessible and prepared to listen.

We’ve been with Transform for quite some time, and I guess the best piece of advice is, don’t do anything. You know, there is this tendency to think, “Oh, the markets are going all over the place. I can see it on the news. I’d better do something.” But the realism of, “Actually, it’ll all sort itself out in the longer term” is really reassuring.

If anybody came to me and said, “I’m thinking about getting a financial adviser. Is there anybody you know?” I would say, definitely Angus at Transform. He’s very realistic and very well informed about what’s happening and what various products are available. So, without any hesitation, in fact, I have recommended Angus to other people in my circle.

“Transform have created a bespoke plan, tailored to our wants and needs”