Why choose us

Making the decision to seek help with your finances isn’t something you do lightly. You’ll want to know that the firm you choose to work with will be a good fit for your needs - so here are some of the reasons why we think we’ll do just that.

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We listen

We take the time to truly get to know you and understand your desires, dreams and aspirations before we start talking about money. We put your values first, and as a Registered Life Planner, Angus is specially trained to help you unearth what’s most important.

We understand

Specifically, we understand what it means to go through life-changing experiences. While ours won’t necessarily look the same as yours (unless you’ve been a sheep shearer-turned-financial planner too!), we understand the importance/significance and the need to have someone in your corner to guide you.

We asked our clients what they thought the biggest benefit of working with us was. They said…

Providing a safe pair of hands

Support and assistance in meeting my financial goals

Confidence and trust

Peace of mind for my financial security

The knowledge you have and provide me with

Having everything under one roof

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of our clients think that working with us has helped or will help them achieve their financial goals.

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of our clients said they were satisfied that we understand their needs, objectives and goals.

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of our clients would recommend us to their friends or family – and all said they have done so already!

We’re independent and unbiased

As an independent financial planning firm, we’re not tied to any specific providers, nor do we favour certain financial products. This means that when we’re creating your plan, we can search the whole of the market for the very best solutions to suit your needs. It means totally unbiased advice, tailored to you.

We’ll be by your side through it all

Nothing in life stays the same. People evolve and circumstances change, so your finances need to allow for that. That’s why we’ll be there through it all; each lightbulb moment, every panic or uncertainty, and every celebration. With a flexible plan that’s maintained regularly, you can feel confident and in control – of whatever comes your way.