Hi, I’m Beverly, I’ve been a client of Transform since 2013 and my financial adviser is Angus Kirk.

Originally, I got in touch with Transform because my parents had left an inheritance for my son, which he couldn’t access until he was 25. I tried a number of banks to help me with this, to invest the money for my son and wasn’t successful. Then my accountant mentioned Angus to me, and I went to see Angus, and he was able to help.

When I met Angus, there was a good rapport with him. He came across as very knowledgeable, and very trustworthy, he was very thorough going into my background, what I wanted, what I wanted for my son, and so forth, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Over the last few years, Angus and the team have really helped me maintain a good lifestyle now that I’m retired. The investments have allowed me the income that I require. I actually have a very good lifestyle. At the moment, there’s nothing that I haven’t been able to do, based on the advice and the investment advice, and the returns, of course, that have been achievable through Angus and the company.

Working with Angus, and Transform makes me feel very secure and confident in being able to carry on the lifestyle that I wish.

I do have to add that I’m a very cautious investor and Angus has really helped me get the returns that I require, even though I’m a very cautious to moderate risk taker, shall we say, with investments.

Three things I would use to describe my experience working with Angus would be the confidence that I have in Angus with handling my money. I feel trustworthiness with the organisation and their ability to do the best for you. I’m also very confident in Angus’ ability and the company’s ability to get the most out of my investments.

For me, the best thing about working with Angus and Transform is the relationship that’s been built up over a number of years. I don’t feel that I’m just another customer. It is a very personal service that they give, regarding the financial advice and investments; very much tailored to me and my needs.

I would definitely recommend Angus and Transform and indeed I have in the past, I just feel that the service is superb.

"I'm able to live a fulfilled retirement thanks to the guidance and advice from Transform"