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Please read the following to learn more about our online and marketing communications Privacy Notice.

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We are committed to your privacy and security and want to provide you with the best online experience. To that end we want you to understand what kinds of information we gather, how this information is used and safeguarded, and how you can control its use. It is important for you to know that Bridge Investments will never sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

This privacy policy covers the following areas:

  • How is my information collected and used?
  • What information is collected from me?
  • Cookies
  • User requested services
  • Solicited information
  • Automatically collected information
  • What choices do I have over the use of my information?
  • How do I opt-out?
  • The scope of this Privacy Notice – outside links
  • Contacting us
  • What information is collected from me?

The types of information that we collect from you will vary according to your use of our website and through our marketing communications channels. It is possible to browse our website without submitting any personal information at all. However, if you choose to engage with some of our services you may be asked to provide information such as your name, email address, phone number, address and postcode.

Likewise we may request to collect your contact information from other marketing channels such as events and social media. This information is collected with your full consent and is to be used only for the purpose in which it was given (including providing further information about Transform and the products it sells) and to follow-up on contact having been made through said marketing communications.

Whenever we ask you for this kind of information, we provide a link to this privacy notice to help you understand how your personal information will be used before you decide whether to disclose it or parts of it (at your full discretion).

In addition to the information that you choose to submit, our systems are set up to gather certain anonymous data to help us better understand how our sites are being used and how we can improve them. This automatically gathered data includes your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, statistics about how visitors navigate through our sites and information provided through the use of ‘cookies’ – see below.

How is my information collected and used?

The use of your information depends on the context in which it was collected.


These are small files that we send to and store on your computer so that we may recognise it as a unique machine the next time you visit our site. These are the reasons for doing this:

  • To keep track of your information for your convenience
  • To help us to optimise your online experience by altering our content depending on your particular needs or browsing patterns
  • To help us to understand the size of our audience and their traffic patterns within our site.
  • User requested services

You may choose to request products or services from our web site. For example you may apply for our brochure, enter a prize competition or simply ask us to contact you.

For services provided by Transform, the information that you submit will be used to provide the service that you have requested.

We may store your non-financial information to help us to understand your preferences and enable us to offer you future products and services.

Brochure requests will be dealt with at the Transform Financial Planning Head Office (details below).

Solicited information

From time to time you may see competitions, surveys and other features on our web site that ask you to provide us with information. When you choose to respond to these requests, the information that you submit will be used for the reason stated. You will always have the opportunity to opt out of responding to these requests.

Automatically gathered data

The information gathered automatically by our system, such as your computer’s IP address, the kind of browser you are using and a record of your navigation through our sites – may be used by Transform so that we can understand how to make our website convenient and useful to our audience.

What choices do I have regarding the use of my information?

This Privacy Notice is intended to help you to understand how any information that you share with us might be used. If you feel concerned about any of these uses, you might elect not to participate in certain services, features or products that we offer. We will never collect any personal information about you without your knowledge, so the decision whether or not to share this information is entirely up to you.

How do I opt out?

You have the ability to terminate e-mail correspondence from us at any time. You will either be given the chance to opt-in to direct mailing when you disclose your email address to us, or you can simply reply to our email, typing ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

If you feel concerned about the cookies that are sent between our computers and yours, you may, through your internet browser, either choose to reject them automatically, or have your computer prompt you before accepting them. Please note, however, that some of our features and services depend on the use of cookies. Therefore, you will be unable to take advantage of those features if you choose not to accept cookies.

Scope of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice only applies to websites owned and operated by Transform as well as the company’s marketing communications function. Our web pages may contain links to sites outside our control. Please be aware that these websites may collect information about you and operate according to their own privacy policies and notices which may differ from this Privacy Notice. Please remember that once you leave our website, any information you submit is out-with our control.

For more information about our Privacy Notice and to carry out a Subject Access Request (for information that we may hold regarding you) which is your legal right as laid out by the General Data Protection Regulation please contact:

Transform Financial Planning

129-131 Comely Bank Road



Phone: 0131 315 2222