Hi, my name‘s Richard Bews. I’ve been with Transform for quite a number of years now, probably more than I care to remember. My adviser is Angus Kirk.

When I first started working with Angus and Transform, I was about midlife with regard to my working career, and my goals were more focused on investment and growth. But more recently, it’s been more to do with the pension advice as we move towards the latter end of my career.

When we first heard about Transform, it was Angus’s firm taking over my previous adviser. It was then that we were introduced, and it was from then that we started to form a much longer-term relationship. So, I’ve been with Transform ever since.

We felt we could trust Angus and Transform very well. It was a small organisation at the time, and we felt it was more intimate and more personal. The advice we were getting seemed very aligned with our needs.

The best thing I’d say about working with Transform is not just Angus, but him and his team. They are always very approachable and always very responsive to any requests we have. You know the advice you’re going to get is always very sound and they deal with everything you request very, very promptly.

The way it makes me feel about working with Transform is that it’s very measured, but still quite relaxed. We meet Angus a couple of times a year. With the advice he’s given us, we’ve never had a real need to feel that we’ve had to intervene or to have concerns about our investment. We’ve always been very satisfied with the way our investments have been going.

As I’ve come more towards the end of my career, my priorities have changed. I’m now looking far more into pension advice, and we did that to a large degree with Angus more recently and got some great advice on how to direct not just my pension but those of my children as well. That’s been really beneficial to us, and I feel very secure now with where we are going and my future requirements.

The three words I would use to describe Angus would be measured, consistent, and most of all, very friendly.

The best piece of advice that I have had from Angus and the team since working with Transform was what to do with my previous work pension. We ultimately decided to transfer it out and place it into private investment. Since then, we have seen significant improvements and returns on our pension over that period.

Would I recommend Angus and Transform to others? Yes, I would and I have, so hopefully he’s reaping the benefits of that, but yes, I much appreciate the leadership and personal touch that they apply and the professionalism that he and his team go to in ensuring that you are treated appropriately and always in your best interests.

“Angus has provided reliable advice as my priorities have changed over time”